How can AI support creative agencies?

For PR and marketing companies, creativity is essential to continue generating innovative strategies and ideas. Agencies use creativity to stand out from their competitors, presenting fresh and unique content ideas.

Technology is forever evolving and is being adopted by more and more businesses to provide the best service possible, all while keeping up with competitors. An example of new technology we’re continuing to see more of is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How does AI work?

AI is simply described as a field that combines computer science with strong datasets to allow problem solving. The systems replicate a human approach; they’re designed to think and act rationally, just as human beings do.

Launched in November 2022, Chat GPT is a free computer program, designed to generate human-like text. Developed by a team of researchers at OpenAI, the software has been applied to many areas in business – such as customer service chatbots, responses in online forums and social media content.

How does AI affect marketing agencies?

As AI tries to mimic human intelligence, there’s a worry that marketers may be replaced by it, causing implications, such as job automation where wouldn’t expect it. GOV UK suggests that AI is likely to create skill-based gaps for workers – such as machines taking over manufacture and warehouse jobs, for example.

However, remember that AI takes a systematic approach, meaning it can only do so much – so it’s important that employees stay adaptable and resilient so the business remains robust.

There are concerns about the limits of a machine, for example interpersonal skills and traits, such as communication and creativity. Although the software works around statistics and analytics, it’s unable to provide other skills, such as customer connection and innovative thinking. Therefore, it’s a possibility that AI can free up marketer’s time, allowing them to invest their time in human-necessary tasks, such as client relationship management, campaign strategies and content ideas.

How AI can support marketers?

Based on its analytical and rational thinking, AI has the ability to take over statistical tasks, such as financial planning and evaluations. Within a month of its launch, ChatGPT has been highly considered by many businesses to take over content generation, as it can write your content for you. Analytics and algorithms can also create personalised and SEO rich content, with AI being used to define the relationship between searches and content to save time for agencies.

AI systems can also support other areas of optimisation, including consumer research, surveying and audience analysis and insights – analysing data to ensure client campaigns are enhanced to the visibility of its target audiences.

AI chatbot and online forum support can ensure businesses are still delivering a high quality and seamless customer experience. Systems have the ability to create natural language processing (NLP) to generate simple conversations.

All the above is known as ‘AI Marketing’ and is becoming a popular trend within the marketing industry, with many businesses adopting this approach to improve efficiency and customer experience.

As AI will continue to alter business strategies, companies must find a balance between AI and human working, making sure content is being created efficiently and effectively, all while ensuring human connection is still maintained. Staying open to new technology has the ability to enhance productivity and client and consumer satisfaction, as long as it’s used in the right way.

As software develops, it’s clear that it can support marketing agencies by freeing up time. For example, Concept’s systems allow you to streamline your company’s internal processes into one place, reducing time spent on admin tasks and filing and providing your employees with more time to focus on creativity and innovation.

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