Streamline your reporting processes and maximise your agency’s efficiency with our clear, simple and customisable dashboard suite.


No matter what you want to see on your dashboard, Concept can make it happen – whether that’s client income, bank balance, WIP balances or time utilisation.


Our dashboard suite provides instant analysis of all of your data, whenever you need it, without having to produce pages of reports.

The data you need, at the click of a button

It’s about more than simply making your charts ‘look good’. It’s about providing the data you need, displayed how you need it, with data embedded into your pivot table at the click of a button.


The customisability doesn’t end there, as you can adjust and re-pivot all your data to suit your particular reporting needs.


It’s all about efficiency, so once your pivot table fits your unique processes, you’re able to save this onto the system, meaning that next month you just need to refresh the data to access your reports quickly and easily.


With all of your reports accessible in one place, your agency’s process are streamlined, allowing you to save time and invest it into other parts of your business.

Align your reports with your needs with:


A suite of graphical charts, covering sales, income, time utilisation, WIP and other key financial information, that fit together to help you to take control of your reports

Customisable data

Just like your agency, all reports are unique. Analyse your data however you prefer with customisable ways to share data


Analyse your data in as much detail as you like to track the common trends you need, at any time during the month

Unique dashboards

With different dashboards for account handlers, finance, management and media, it’s easy for everyone to see the specific data they need.

“Concept delivers on all of its promises of a rich, functional and highly scaleable agency management system. This is evidenced by our continuing to rely on it from a financial, accounting and reporting perspective for so many years. But what really separates Concept from the crowd is its high quality support. We continue to enjoy consistent, highly responsive, accurate support from the Concept team, and this gives us huge confidence in the system.”
Richard Clark,
Finance, Director, ThirtyThree.