About us

Since 1982, Concept Integrated Systems has been helping marketing agencies to expand with a system that supports agencies as they grow in their own individual way.

Concept is the first agency management system to integrate everything into one system and remains the system of choice for over 150 advertising and marketing agencies around the world.


The world’s changing quickly, and you need a system that can keep up. Concept Integrated Systems is always evolving alongside the industry, so we’re continually integrating the latest business practices.

Our approach

At Concept, we aim to be partners, not suppliers – which is why we take the time to understand you and your agency, before we put any systems in place.


We want to put you in control with a system that’s at one with you and your business.


Our systems streamline your current processes, and we can adapt them to suit your ways of working, so you don’t have to learn a whole new way of working.


Even so, change isn’t always easy – so to support you as you scale, our support doesn’t end once your system’s live. Concept’s dedicated support team is always on hand to guide you to:


  • Continually boost efficiency
  • Optimise your system’s functionality
  • Support your team’s confident and seamless use of the system.

Our values:

At one

At one with you, so you’re at one with your system. We work to understand you, your business and your processes before we implement anything.



Our systems are tailored to you and your service to meet your exact needs, so you don’t have to get used to complicated new processes or ways of working.



If it’s not been done before, we’ll find a way. We’re always open to ideas and continually researching new ways to do things.



Details matter. We understand your responsibility, let us be your guiding hand and help you to provide consistent excellence as you grow your business.



We’re polite, but we tell it like it is. If things can be done better, we’ll open your eyes to how.