Finanace and time management

Take control of your business and your team with real-time tracking of your team’s progress on different tasks.


Use reports from previous jobs to better understand your team’s capacity and provide realistic deadlines and budgets within your team and to your clients at the click of a button.

Manage your time effectively

By streamlining your processes with Concept, you can export tasks to your colleagues’ timesheets.


With the fully integrated system, whenever a team member records their timesheet, this will feedback on to your job to support you as you stay on time, on track and on budget.


Support your team with effective time management with timesheets that:

“Concept affords us the opportunity to redefine and improve our processes by using its strengths in areas such as quotations, timesheets, workflow, capacity planning, order book management and pipeline measurement.”
Keith Pilling,
Commercial & Operations Director, Penna.


Integrate all your financial transactions with job costing and media all linked to one finance system. Use this system to:

Update sales invoices

to ledgers

Track your open items

and account balances

Match supplier invoices

to purchase orders.

With all of this information in one place, you can ensure true costs are being tracked accordingly across all jobs, so you’re able to accurately cost future jobs that stay within your budget.


Concept is able to track all sales and purchases with our user friendly, easy-to-use bank reconciliations program. Let us handle the details, so you don’t have to waste time creating bank reconciliations off-book.


Make month and year end easy with downloadable reports that take you to your next financial period at the click of a button – allowing you to spend more time on creative tasks.


Allow employees to enter their own expenses with an easy upload service. These can then link with your jobs and overheads to manage, track and pay these, without wasting time on needless processing.


Concept makes your accounts and finances easy with:

Client management

to track balances and information

Automated upload of expenses


of sales, purchase and nominal ledgers

Full accounting

Invoice imaging

Nominal ledger budget

uploaded to Excel.