Are you using too many systems?

How many systems does your business use?

There can be so many different areas of a creative company that require particular applications – for example, CRM databases, finance reports and client and campaign activity.

With the creative industry continuing to evolve, synergy and collaboration is essential, now more than ever. A recent study showed that 43% of respondents thought they were switching between too many systems to get their basic tasks done. 67% of respondents believed they would find it easier to focus on jobs if relevant information appeared on the same window.

The cons of using numerous systems within your business

Although each platform includes specified tools for a particular need – for example when solving a problem or completing a specific task – marketers tend to juggle multiple responsibilities in their day-to-day work life. When managing numerous tasks with multiple systems, marketers can come face to face with:

  1. High costs

When it comes to running multiple applications, companies often need to spend on implementation, integration and any developments, as well as any licenses or subscription costs – for each platform.

You may also need to pay for extra storage space for all the data and files that could come with each application.

  1. Time consumption

Using multiple systems at once can slow down efficiency and productivity, due to continual switching and searching between application.

As well as slowing down job tasks, multiple systems can take time to set up and sometimes require in depth learning and training to ensure accuracy, taking precious time away from more important tasks.

  1. Lack of accuracy

Information and data that’s shared across multiple systems may be inputted or updated by different people, potentially creating a lack of synchronicity across multiple platforms.

Importing and re-entering data from one application to another can also be prone to unintentional errors, even if done manually or using specific digital tools.

This can all lead to inaccurate campaign reporting and performance of objectives and KPIs.

Streamlining your systems

If you’re looking for a way to run your company’s tasks smoothly and efficiently, it’s essential to streamline your existing processes all into one place.

With an integrated system, you can ensure your team’s everyday tasks are completed efficiently and effectively – all while minimising the burden of paying for multiple platforms. This is supported by:

• Documentation collation

An online system allows you to store all documents and data into one place – accessible for everyone.

By reducing the time spent switching between multiple systems, you can enable your team to avoid any mistakes and focus more on campaign and client delivery.

• Accurate data reporting

With an integrated system, you can analyse and track your data however, and whenever, works best for you.

Accessible to everyone, unique dashboards also present information regarding finances, management and campaign activity, for example. Business insights also provide client on client spend and time utilisation – supporting business goals and objectives.

• Increased effectiveness

An integrated system can increase internal team efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in happy clients and staying within budgets.

Providing you with the ability to adapt, optimising your business’s ways of working enables clear, simple and futureproofed systems.

The evolution of technology, in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), has also enabled agencies to further streamline their processes. It’s important, now more than ever, that your employees are working to their strengths and focusing their time in areas that require a human touch. As software and systems continue to develop, they can enable the reduction of time spent on admin tasks and filing – providing your employees with more time to focus on creativity.

As your business grows, your company’s systems and technology need to evolve alongside it. An integrated system can streamline your current processes into one place – improving your company’s efficiency and ways of working.

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