Who is Concept Integrated Systems for?

Concept Integrated Systems acts as your business’ driving force, giving you the insights you need to take control of your business and its activities.

Owners and directors

Concept is here to give you the insight you need to make informed decisions.


Summarise KPIs with consistent KPI reporting – at any time. Improve your data’s visibility with our clear, easy to understand dashboard that’s tailored to your individual business.


Our dashboard allows you to analyse data with one click to see trends of growth or where you might be overservicing clients.


Streamline administrative processes with an integrated system, where you can find all of your information, from projects and client profitability to timesheets and team performance – all in one place.


A system that’s designed to grow alongside you, our report and dashboard technology can adapt with your business with reports tailored to display exactly what your system requires.

“Concept is tried and tested and well respected in the market. We simply outgrew our Sage accounts and bespoke job management system and Concept was the obvious choice to support our growth and to give us much improved management information and the flexibility that we need both now and in the future.”
Simon Wright,
Managing Director, SBW Advertising.

Client services and media teams

Overseeing projects and delegating to your team can be difficult without visibility into your business’ overall capacity.


Our job costing system can track every timesheet, PO, expense and cost to understand how you can streamline your process and maximise capacity, without your input.


Let us take care of the processes and allow your employees to support you as you grow your business, with an integrated system that takes care of the details for you.

“There’s nothing worse for stifling growth, creativity and good service than being too tied up in complex administrative structures.”
Emma Ward,
Client Relationship Director, AdGen.

Finance and accountants

When you’re looking after the numbers, transparency is key. Concept Integrated Systems’ fully integrated finance and account system allows you to have full visibility of all your numbers, at all times.


Save time digesting budgets and spreadsheets and understand where you’re going over budget at a glance. Track your cash flow and invoices at any time with our simple to use, streamlined process. The system also offers insight into your next project’s costing, so you know exactly where your resources are, at all times.

“Without an automated accounting package that does job costing and WIP, our agency would just not have been able to grow. We would have struggled to manage [large] projects properly without the software and would definitely have spent a lot more time resource managing them using spreadsheets. There is no question of that.”
Tim Beer,
Finance Director, PrettyGreen.